Community / Social Involvement


What is the Company’s social policy statement?

The Sherwin-Williams Company is committed to conducting business in an ethical and legal manner throughout the world as described in its Code of Conduct.

How does the Company invest in the social community?

Supporting our communities has always been an important part of Sherwin-Williams’ business – since 1866 our founders were active leaders in Greater Cleveland, stressing that part of being a strong business meant giving back to support those who need us the most. That tradition continues to this day, with employees across the globe sharing our founders’ commitment to community.
The philanthropic arm of our Company is the Sherwin-Williams Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to provide a philanthropic tool, engaging our employees, retirees and Directors, that is aligned with our Culture of Excellence, philanthropic priorities, business objectives, and our guiding values. We are committed to supporting nonprofit organizations that deliver innovative solutions in the areas of children’s health and education, and education for economic self-sufficiency for at-risk populations.
See pages 22-30 of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report

How does the Company prepare for emergencies?

All manufacturing operations have Emergency Management Programs, which are on file with the Corporate Safety Group. All operations have trained emergency action teams and practice responding to various emergencies throughout the year. Facilities are equipped with emergency equipment including alarms and fire protection. Arrangements have been made with local emergency response authorities. Third party emergency response contractors are retained to respond to major emergencies (e.g., fire, spill or transportation incident).
See pages 22-30 of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Does the Company screen suppliers based on social, environmental, or safety performance?

To protect the community, the environment and our employees, Sherwin-Williams reviews hazardous waste vendors for compliance and proper management procedures before approval for use by our facilities. Sherwin-Williams operations and business units also often consider contractor safety performance in the selection process.

What efforts does the Company make for mitigation, remediation, or land reclamation?

See the Company’s Annual Report